Hit Like A Girl - Boardwalk

Check out Hit Like A Girl's official website, order their new record "Heart Racer", and play the game on their site! The game is re-hosted here on itch.io for portfolio purposes.

I worked with Hit Like A Girl, an indie-rock band from New Jersey, to produce a game to promote their new single "Boardwalk". We took the concept from the animated music video and decided to build an arcade shooting game with a water gun and various targets pulled from the music video.

If you're interested in working together on a similar project (paid work only), please reach out!


Tap & drag anywhere on the game screen to shoot. Drag down to shoot water and keep dragging left or right to aim.

Hit as many targets as you can before time runs out.

Keep spraying water into the clown's mouth to pop the balloon and win!


This project was developed over the course of one month. I chose Phaser as a game engine because  it met my technical goals for the project:

  • Web-based game that's performant on both phones and computers
  • No need to install browser plug-ins
  • Support for arcade physics, sprite sheets, web audio, and animations, with an active developer community
  • Fast development cycle


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good fun and nice carnival vibe :) well played